2021/2022 BIG SALE

Welcome to end of 2021 TDMimports Big Sale. The TDMimports will start it from 11/23/201 to 1/1/2022, and our entire store will be on sale. Due to global pandemic disease, Covid-19, we have tried to cover up the unnecessary costs as much as we can. Unfortunately, we are no longer and able to ease up any cost until year of 2022. Therefore, the year end sales will be our last chance to enjoy the lowest pricing before it raises up against on everybody. So please take the advantage as much as can be to save up the final season of 2021.

We are going to keep this Big Sale simple and easy to understand for everyone.
First 51 customers will receive a set of 2 titanium license bolts with no minimum due.
For spending over a minimum $999 will receive genuine Nismo/Autech/Work(New Era) products from us.
For spending over a minimum $2999 will receive a genuine Nismo watch (1 spot available only)
1 Nismo GTR watch
10 Nismo sunglasses available
5 Autech oil caps available
5 Nismo gas caps available
5 Nismo oil caps available
4 Nismo/Tomica pit scene toy set
5 Work(New Era) hats

Everyone only gets 1 opportunity to receive these free genuine stuff from us. We will only have limited spots to give away during this Big Sale.
*Accumulation doesn’t apply
*If total amounts has exceed a minium due to win the free gift please email us to sales@tdmimports.com for inquiry