TDMimports Mid size 6 pistons Big Brake kit is desigend for high performance street and track usage. Each kit we take times to build them to ensure the quality control. All of our big brake kit is designed to direct bolt on to stock knuckles. 



In order to have a reliable brake system, TDMimports calipers request a very high standard in materiel choice. Here at the TDMimports, we utilize 6066 billet alloy and T651 heat treatment process which is 30% stronger than standard 6061 billet alloy and less likely to deform during extreme hot temperature.  On the other hand, our brake caliper pistons material selects the 7075 billet alloy and the T651 heat treatment. With the T651 it enhances its durability and longevity twice than the standard heat treatment process.


To meet above the average when producing reliable brake discs, we select better quality FC-25 steel mixture with high cast carbon. The maximum temperature is capable of 900 Celsius.  It provides higher level of stress and temperature without excessive material expansion or distortion. In current market, most rotors are made of lower grade steel for instance FC-20 and FC-22 heat expansion by as much as 1.2-1.5mm when reaching to 500 Celsius.  However, TDMimports’ rotors will only expand around 0.45 cm in comparison.  In other words, we don’t cheat on our products when it comes into reliability for stopping power.

Brake Pads

To keep it simple and easy to understand, we have narrow down our brake pads in 3 specs which can suit wide range usage.

Street Pads:

  • Nao composite material  (Non Asbestos Organic)
  • 50-650 degree Celsius
  • Friction coefficient 0.45MU


Track Pads:

  • Nao composite material  (Non Asbestos Organic)
  • 50-720 degree Celsius
  • Friction coefficient 0.51MU


Pro  Pads:

  • Metallic material
  • 270-900 degree Celsius
  • Friction coefficient 0.55MU

The kit                 

TDMimports Big Brake kit includes:

  • A pair of 2 caliper body
  • A pair of 2 rotors
  • A pair of 2 stainless brake lines
  • Two pairs of 4 brake pads with built in shins
  • 2 stainless brake line bolts
  • 4 stainless brake line washers
  • 4 brake pads pins
  • 4 brake pads insert pins
  • 2 brake pads stopping shins



  • 1 solid piece rotor
  • 2 pieces floating rotors
  • Brake pads upgrade


Rotor size available:

  • For 286mm suits 15 inch wheel
  • For 286mm/302mm suits 16 inch wheel
  • For 302mm/330mm suits 17inch wheel
  • For 330mm/345mm suits 18 inch wheel
  • For 345mm/355mm suits 19inch wheel


286mm X 24mm

302mm X 24mm

330mm x 24mm

330mm x 28mm

345mm X 24mm


355mm x28mm



*All the orders are custom made and it takes about 30 days up to 60 days

*If you have more questions please feel free contact us anytime at

Mid Size Front 6 Pistons Big Brake Kit

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