TDMimports Street spec coilover.

In order to figure out the best shock valving and spring rates for our street spec driver usage, and we have came across the most time consuming way by measuring each corner weight. From the look may be simple, but the times  to times and effort that spent on were a success. Our street spec coilover has been tuned and dialed in properly for street usage. Each shock must be dynoed and tested on our machines to match up the inquiry spring rates before reach out to our customers door step. For the street spec, we also have offer custom valving and custom spring rates for no extra cost.



The spring that we currently have is off from Japan SAE9254 steel made of. Therefore, our coilover don't request preload at all due to fatigue test.

The top mounts feature NGK bearings and SFK needle bearings to prevent noise in further through turning.

Shock absorbers monotube designed. It is all dialed in proper valving individually to march up our springs. 52mm diameter with 40mm linear pistons. Dampening is 16 ways adjust ale feature. Steel brackets with 3 different type of costing to prevent rusty issue.


*For those looking for custom spring rates please email us to


-16 ways dampening adjustable

-Patented Needle bearings made by SFK

-Top mount bearings made by NGK

-FREE Custom valving

-FREE Custom spring rates

-Shock body 52mm spec

-40mm linear pistons

-SAE9254V racing springs

-Idemitsu/Fina synthetic racing oil

-Precision machinced bracket mount ( abs brackets included)

-2 years warranty


Our feedbacks from Klutch HeadQuarterz-KHQ

TDMimports Street Suspension Test

Everyone has their own driving style and tolerance in regards to suspension setups. Some like to ride on bumps stops, some are only interested in track performance, others like a simple, comfortable, yet tasteful street setups for daily use. At the end of the day, most would agree on one thing, and that's "Bang for Your buck" in regards to quality and insurance for money spent.

I was recently contacted by the owner of TDMImports, Steven Huang. We went into very detailed specifics on my previous street set up viewed at West Coast Convention 2014 where I participated at Streets of Willow Raceway. He explained how he loves the FWD Platform and would like honest feedback on the suspension TDMI had been working on specifically for the "B13" chassis. I mentioned I was still in Phase one of the ‪#‎94RubyPearl‬ Project. Passing the 21 year mark with a blown engine, all of the factory suspension components were recently upgraded to polyurethane and moog parts with the brakes and a simple temporary Avenir swap to keep things in line for my brother before installing big turbo street sweeper set up. A very common budget coilover set up was installed which did not meet my standards. I also mentioned my desire for a Drag Race setup on one of my other projects as well.

TDMI has also been working on a road race setup which will be tested in August, 2015 at an event outside of the USA. Even though this is the 1st real street testing for this paticular set up on the road, The TDMI units were shock dyno tested before shipment. The engineers went ahead designed both a street and drag set up based upon weight, ride height, usage, etc. Today I will be giving some feedback on the Street Version. Pricng is to be announced in the near future. We should expect to see these released sometime this Winter with camber plate options etc. The Drag-Race set up will be tested at a later date. TBA.


Right out of the box, I immediately loved the simple color theme, the hardware is solid, and the adjustability during the installation was remarkable. We all have had suspension at one point that was a pita. The combination of solid hardware and spherical bushings gives adjustability a smooth swing ("like a door hinge" ( a fabricator named Charlie Salazar once told me ) which is a strong requirement the end user will love and respect day in and day out. I did however give TDMI a few specs to put in motion before moving forward with production.

The ride quality exceeded my expectations for a street set up. I am used to the excellent quality of the Progress suspension which has proven to perform at the track with it's Monotube design but doesn't have dampening adjustments if ever in the need to smoothen things out a tad for the lady friend, kids, etc. The softest setting rides smooth and firm. We didn't reach any body roll on hard street and freeway on ramp corning. Keep in mind we do not use a front sway bar so if the spring rate and valving is not up to par, things can get sloppy real quick on hard cornering as it did before.

I finally decided to turn things up and ventured back on the streets and freeway at max settings. You will notice when making your dampening adjustments the solid confirmation clicks when notching it up! The car feels and drives amazing. Dips, bumps, rail road tracks, you name it, these are the conditions we drive in everyday. We were able to achieve all of our normal corners at higher speeds than before on the previous Megan streets set-up. All of the areas of improvement with our previous Coilover selection were quickly demolished with this installation. The ride quality at high speeds exceeding 120 MPH has an awesome combination between comfortableness, aggressiveness and confidence! These are the things we should expect when pushing it to the limit!

My overall Rating is a 9.5 out of 10. I wasn't able to find anything wrong with units but there is always room for improvement. This is taking in deep consideration of both my hard street driving style and tolerance for most users. This will definitely serve justice for 100% of the Fwd SR20 community's Needs for a street machine.

Thank you all for reading. Thank you TDMImports.

Street Spec Coilover

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